Soundscapes of the diver[city]

Mapping the sounds, images, voices, languages and cultures of the cities

This ongoing exploratory study (Jupp, 2006) utilizes walking methodology (Springgay & Truman, 2017) and sound scaping/sound walking (Carlyle, 2007) - Walking Sound Methodologies (WSM) to capture the cultural and linguistic diversity of the cities (Diver[city]). I immersed myself in walking the main streets and other important places of the cities to capture their cultural and linguistic richness.

This project has two major goals: 1) to theorize how the concepts of languages and cultures intersect and are not static symbols, and 2) to build a sense of awareness of the vibrant cultures and languages of the cities. I hope that this research helps to create a welcoming feeling of belonging in our communities. The documented soundscapes accompanied by photos or videos are useful for educators to create lessons, tasks and assignments within their curricular practices. This may advance ongoing conversations in critical multi/literacies and linguistic landscapes that embrace the complex perspectives of plurilingual/cultural cities.

As an aesthetical multimodal, creative and artistic inquiry project, I understand languages and cultures as synergic and ecological entities that foster collectivity and subjectivity beyond individuality and materiality within geospatial territories for all.


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I am currently collecting data in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland (UK) as part of a subset of this project for Queen's University Belfast called Mapping the pluricultural and plurilingual voices of the city (MPVC).

Check the menu for details about Belfast and the other cities from the pilot project.

I recommend using noise-cancelling headphones for a more vivid feeling as you walk with me and experience the sounds, voices, languages, and cultures in the city.

About me

Dr. Yecid Ortega holds a doctoral degree in Language and Literacies education from the University of Toronto. In this project, he uses innovative and creative research methodologies to spark awareness of the languages and cultures of the cities.

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Ortega, Y. (October, 31, 2022). Soundscapes of the diver[city].